photo credit: Natasha Gildea
photo credit: Natasha Gildea

I’m Candice – nutritionist (in training) and communications and PR pro with a speciality in health and fitness. I work with brands in the health and fitness space to establish and grow their online presence through content strategy and developmentIn addition to consulting services, I develop and photograph original recipes at Whole Health Hacks. I am based in Portland, Oregon and happily work with local or remote clients.

Interested in working together? Contact me for more info about my services:

  • Content strategy: Content is key, but where to begin? We’ll work together to evaluate your business goals and determine which assets you need to reach your key audiences. From there, I’ll build an editorial calendar and develop blog and website content, marketing collateral, and more. By carefully choosing the messaging to portray your business in a creative, engaging and professional manner, you’ll be one step closer to educating your readers about health and fitness.
  • Content development: Depending on your communications goals, this may include blog posts, articles, e-books, and/or recipes. With my prior experience and knowledge of the health and fitness industries, I can tackle a range of surface-level and deeply technical topics.
  • Influencer relations: In addition to identifying your target audience, I will develop and build relationships with key influencers in your industry including bloggers, industry experts, and journalists to promote your brand and align you with individuals and companies that will have the greatest impact on brand awareness.